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It’s taken me a long time to really get into this show, but man, it certainly has me now. I watched the first season after it first aired, and although by the end of it I was enjoying the overarching storyline, I stopped watching when season 2 started as it was back to monster-of-the-week episodes. I started watching it again a few months ago from the start with my wife – the first two seasons are on Hulu JP – and we quickly became quite addicted to it. This past weekend we finished the second season – with those mind-blowing 2 episodes at the end – and now I’m having a hell of a good time watching the third season. It’s just crazy how good this show got – talk about a slow burn. Can’t wait to see where all of this goes – and it’s great that it’s already all finished, so I can watch at my own pace (i.e. binge).

By Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Esports at Ubisoft. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.