I was pretty interested in watching this, even though I can’t say I’ve always been the biggest Groening follower. Sure, I liked the Simpsons back in the day, but haven’t watched any of it in over a decade (at least), and watched bits of Futurama here and there, and liked it enough, but that’s it. As for this, I’ve watched half of the episodes, and, well, I like it enough to watch more. It’s nothing amazing, it’s fun but not incredibly funny (although I absolutely love Elfo), but I find myself sometimes in the right mood to watch an episode, and do so. All this to say I like it fine — wow, what a noncommittal critique — and will watch all that’s there.

Jack Ryan

As I wrote the other day after watching all of the old Jack Ryan movies, I was pretty excited to watch this series, and so it didn’t take me long to binge all eight episodes. Overall I quite enjoyed it, even though it’s certainly not without flaws. I do quite like that most of the show concerns itself with the “other” side of the equation — meaning, telling the story of the terrorists in a very fleshed out away, instead of the broad strokes we usually get in movies. And Krasinski as Ryan? The fact that we spend so much time with him (as opposed to 1 movie for all of the other characters, and 2 for Ford) does give him a certain advantage, and I think he plays him appropriately — it can be said that Ryan is a bland character, but his major characteristic is that he refuses to compromise on his principles, and we see that a lot here. I’m glad they went to TV to tell Jack Ryan stories, and hope we get another season. But man, the title opening is the blandest thing ever.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 3)

As I just wrote, after finishing the Rebels series I decided to go back and finish watching The Clone Wars. I did like that series, but for some reason had only watched the first 2-3 seasons. I picked up in the second half of season 3, which I’ve now finished, and I’m liking it quite a bit — and it was especially interesting to watch the sequence of episodes that involved the three Force users that we see on the temple wall towards the end of Rebels. I prefer the aesthetic of The Clone Wars over Rebels, as it uses a more realistic look in terms of style and lighting, and more defined features on the characters, and more detailed vehicles. Seeing as how I’m enjoying going through the remaining seasons, I’m now that much more excited that we’re going to get an extra season.

Star Wars Rebels (Season 4)

I recently got around to watching the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels. I can’t say I was super crazy about the series in general, but enjoyed certain sections of it — basically, anything that involved the return of Ahsoka Tano, my favorite Star Wars character. Since finishing it, I went back to watching The Clone Wars, which I had never watched in its entirety, and I’m now also realizing that I much preferred the look of that series, more than the slightly simplified/cartoony  aesthetic they used on Rebels. I also didn’t really like most of the characters, especially their design — Sabine Wren would be the exception. So overall, I had fun watching most of it, but can’t say that I really loved it, and so I’m not sad at all that it ended. I am quite looking forward to seeing what Star Wars: Resistance (the upcoming series) will be like.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 4)

I thought I was pretty much done watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. After absolutely loving the first season, and then finding the second season to be OK, I barely watched more than 2-3 episodes of the 3rd season — I suddenly wasn’t into it at all. With the release of the 4th, I didn’t think I’d watch it, but after my wife kept pushing me to do so (and also hearing some friends tell me it was good), I decided to check it out, and just blasted through the 6 episodes (and I didn’t know it was just a “part 1,” and was surprised that there were only 6). Putting Kimmy in that tech/startup setting was an absolute blast, and the “documentary” episode with DJ Fingerblast was just ridiculously funny, maybe one of the best episodes of the series. I’m now very much looking forward to part 2 of the season, which will be the show’s final season.

Westworld (Season 2)

When this second season started, I wasn’t really enjoying the show like I did during the first season. It was fine, but I wasn’t really excited to watch a new episode, it felt like things were just taking a bit too much time to happen — although the episode where we started seeing the truth behind the park was pretty interesting. But by the end of the season I was back in, and quite liked how they finished it — it sets up some interesting things to do with those characters in the next season. I’ll also say that episode 8 — that almost feels like a standalone episode, about the Ghost Nation character — was absolutely fantastic, and by far my favorite episode of the series.

The Terror

I only decided to check out The Terror last week, once its season was over, and it only took me a few days to watch the whole thing (I finished by binging the final 4 episodes). What a fantastic series. It’s a slow burn, that’s for sure, and so I feel that watching it like I did was probably more enjoyable than on a weekly basis. But yeah, just an amazing story, with an outstanding setting, and horror that comes from the psychological drama of it all more than anything else. I was absolutely shocked by the scene at the end of episode 7 that involves Hickey revealing his true self. And horrified. Can’t recommend this enough, although it’s probably not for everyone.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I finally decided to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a try (from season 1, on Netflix) and I gotta say that it’s really growing on me — to a point where I binged close to the entire season this weekend. I wouldn’t put it on the same level as The Good Place or The Last Man on Earth (my two favorite comedies from recent years, and I’m still devastated that the latter was cancelled), but it’s a solid Parks and Recreation-like. The cast is fantastic, and that’s pretty much how you get drawn in and addicted to the show. I’m sure it won’t take me long to blast through the other 4 seasons.

Cobra Kai

When I first saw this series announced, I was more than skeptical about it being good — especially that’s it’s a YouTube series — but I was curious enough to check it out, and I gotta say that the first two episodes (that you can watch for free) were incredibly fun to watch. Yes, it smothers itself in the nostalgia of the old films, but deliciously so, and what they’ve decided to do with the characters (at least so far) — sorta switching them up — is really great. I definitely want to watch the rest of the season.

Aggressive Retsuko

I didn’t think this would really be for me — I remember finding the premise of the character (an office lady who loves death metal) pretty funny, but didn’t think much of it beyond that — but I got curious when the animated series popped up on Netflix the other day, and I gotta say that I had a pretty fun time watching a few episodes (which are very binge-able, at like 10-15 minutes in length). Warning though, if you’ve worked in an office in Japan, this may trigger some PTSD.