The Purge (TV Series)

As I mentioned when I wrote about watching The Purge: Election Year and The First Purge, I quite like this movie series, and the TV series has been quite good as well. I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes so far (it’s still airing weekly on Prime Video), so I can’t say if the payoff will be good, but I like how it manages to examine the purge from even more different types of angles (a death cult, to get revenge within a corporate setting, the relationship with the ruling party, etc.) I think it’s worth watching if you’re a fan of the movies.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I have mixed feelings about this series. I started out really liking it, finding it a fun mix of horror and dark humor, but then it sort of lost itself with its storytelling. I don’t care at all about the romance aspects, and had an especially hard time with the 5th episode — it’s a “dream” episode, and I hate “dream” episodes. I was watching this with my wife, so kept at it even though I was losing interest during the second half, but it finally got me again in the final episode, as I liked how it ended. I’m still not sure if I’ll want to watch the next season/part though. I will say that I like Kiernan Shipka in this a lot more than I did in Mad Men — I always felt like she didn’t do a great acting job in that series, getting worse and worse as she grew older.

Channel Zero (Season 3)

I’d heard of this series when it launched, and was curious, but never got around to watching it. With the 4th season launching recently, and seeing some good buzz about it, I decided to pay season 3 a visit. I only watched the first episode (of 6), but wow, this was incredibly creepy, and definitely felt like something I’d like to watch more of (the only thing that stopped me was that I wanted to get more movies in during my October horror fest). It’s an anthology series that works like American Horror Story in that every season is its own self-contained story, and this 3rd season is entitled “Butcher’s Block.” From what I watched, this gives most horror movies a run for their money in terms of creepiness.


I’ve been curious about this series for a while now, and so finally got around to starting it during my October horror fest. I’ve only watched the first episode of three, but I really liked the setup — a near future in India where religion is banned. They tease a bit of supernatural stuff, but it hasn’t really gone full out yet. Looking forward to watching the rest.

The Haunting of Hill House

I was very much looking forward to this new Netflix series, as it falls perfectly in my current horrorfest mode. I’ve watched the first two episodes so far, and I’ll say that I liked the first episode a lot more than the second one. I like the premise, but thing’s are moving a bit too slowly for my taste, especially in the second episode — it spends too much time on the family melodrama, while I’d like it to be more horrific. It’s too early to tell though where it’s all going, so I’ll definitely be watching more.

Into the Dark: The Body

This is a new horror anthology TV series with a new episode (the length of a movie) every month that ties into that month’s holiday — the premiere episode is Halloween-themed, and they’ve announced that the November episode will relate to Thanksgiving. This sounded like something that would be right up my alley, but I have to say that this first episode, “The Body,” never really grabbed me. It was OK, but it didn’t make me want to continue watching the series. It’s an interesting premise, but it just didn’t land for me.


I was pretty interested in watching this, even though I can’t say I’ve always been the biggest Groening follower. Sure, I liked the Simpsons back in the day, but haven’t watched any of it in over a decade (at least), and watched bits of Futurama here and there, and liked it enough, but that’s it. As for this, I’ve watched half of the episodes, and, well, I like it enough to watch more. It’s nothing amazing, it’s fun but not incredibly funny (although I absolutely love Elfo), but I find myself sometimes in the right mood to watch an episode, and do so. All this to say I like it fine — wow, what a noncommittal critique — and will watch all that’s there.

Jack Ryan

As I wrote the other day after watching all of the old Jack Ryan movies, I was pretty excited to watch this series, and so it didn’t take me long to binge all eight episodes. Overall I quite enjoyed it, even though it’s certainly not without flaws. I do quite like that most of the show concerns itself with the “other” side of the equation — meaning, telling the story of the terrorists in a very fleshed out away, instead of the broad strokes we usually get in movies. And Krasinski as Ryan? The fact that we spend so much time with him (as opposed to 1 movie for all of the other characters, and 2 for Ford) does give him a certain advantage, and I think he plays him appropriately — it can be said that Ryan is a bland character, but his major characteristic is that he refuses to compromise on his principles, and we see that a lot here. I’m glad they went to TV to tell Jack Ryan stories, and hope we get another season. But man, the title opening is the blandest thing ever.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 3)

As I just wrote, after finishing the Rebels series I decided to go back and finish watching The Clone Wars. I did like that series, but for some reason had only watched the first 2-3 seasons. I picked up in the second half of season 3, which I’ve now finished, and I’m liking it quite a bit — and it was especially interesting to watch the sequence of episodes that involved the three Force users that we see on the temple wall towards the end of Rebels. I prefer the aesthetic of The Clone Wars over Rebels, as it uses a more realistic look in terms of style and lighting, and more defined features on the characters, and more detailed vehicles. Seeing as how I’m enjoying going through the remaining seasons, I’m now that much more excited that we’re going to get an extra season.