More Portraits

My buddy Louis-Étienne shares more great illustrated portraits in this Canvas post. I mentioned his “Faces” project a while back.

Design Events

The TDW 2012 Design

It’s always interesting to find out who is responsible for graphics that you’ve seen out and about, and so I liked finding out from this Canvas post that the graphic identity for Tokyo Designers Week 2012 (pictured, with more here, and that I very much remember seeing) was produced by Airside Nippon.

Fashion Stores

United Arrows

I still haven’t gotten around to reading it, but here’s a feature from GQ on the fashion chain United Arrows, about it’s place in Japan and what comes next. I’ve always quite liked what’s on offer there, but it tends to cost more than I’m willing to spend on fashion (I tend to be more in the Muji/Uniqlo range).


The Corner Grain

What you see of this apartment complex designed by Eureka and Maru Architecture that’s portrayed in this video may appear utopic, but there’s still something quite soothing about the way of life it suggests. I def like all the red tops.

Fashion Games

Dodonpachi Jackets

I’m not quite sure if I’d actually want to wear one, but there’s something pretty neat about these commemorative jackets produced by Cave to celebrate the 2oth anniversary of its seminal shooter, Dodonpachi.



I was relieved to see the other day that my friends Rekka and Devine (Hundred Rabbits) made it through the 28-day journey of sailing over the Pacific Ocean, from Mexico to French Polynesia — the goal is to reach Japan. Now that they’re back on land, they’ve been updating us on what they’ve been up to, and on top of the video they’re about to release to share the tale of their month-long journey, Devine has just released a new 3-track album called Superworker.



I’ve always enjoyed seeing this an action, as for me it was a sign of taking pride and care in what you’re doing, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it in fact represents more.

Books Design Magazines

Coloring Inside the Lines/Coloring Outside the Lines

My buddy Ian Lynam is simply one of the smartest people I know on this planet, and when he writes something, you should pay attention. His latest zine — which you can order online from his Wordshape webstore — acts as a guide to new graphic design graduates. I also highly recommend his Start Somewhere zine, which sorta inspired me to get writing again (which led to the rebirth of this here blog).


Japanese Animated Film Classics

I haven’t had a chance to dig into these yet, but the Film Center at Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art has posted 64 classic shorts — basically, examples from the birth of animation in Japan — online. More details in this article from The Hollywood Reporter.



Nem is a fantastic artist who mainly draws pixel art. She just launched a Patreon, that you can check out here. As she explains, “I have social anxiety, so it is hard for me to do work outside,” and this is a way to try and bring in some extra income.