Never Say Never Again


I’m a huge Bond fanatic, but I had somehow missed the fact that today is apparently considered Bond Day, marking the anniversary of Dr. No, released on October 5, 1962. Even though I’ve watched each Bond film dozens of times, I keep watching them, and recently I’ve been on a new viewing run, watching them all in order, usually on Sunday nights. To mark the anniversary I’m watching one tonight, and it’s Never Say Never Again, the black sheep of the bunch, as it wasn’t produced by the Broccolis. I’ve always liked it though — it was definitely a better film than Octopussy (released the same year, in 1983), and hey, it’s the only Bond film in which he plays a video game.



A shop that specializes in cassette tapes? Of course there’s one in Tokyo — uncover more about Waltz (located in Nakameguro) in this Spoon & Tamago post. Gotta love that wall of boomboxes to the side. I think the cassette I listened to the most — to the point of breaking it — was the James Bond: 13 Original Themes tape (this one).

The Spy Who Loved Me

I don’t usually mention here when I re-watch Bond films, because I do it all the time, but on my recent flight from Japan to Canada I only watched one movie, and it was The Spy Who Loved Me – don’t know why, but they had it as part of the selection in the flight entertainment system. When I re-watch Bond movies it’s usually the early ones, and I haven’t really revisited the Moore ones a lot in recent years, so it felt slightly fresh, and was good fun. Yeah, the Moore ones can be too cheesy at times, but they are still the ones I grew up watching and enjoying as a kid, and some of them are still pretty good (Live and Let Die, The Man With the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only).

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

First of all, why the fuck did they have to put Jack Ryan in the title of the movie? James Bond: Skyfall would be just as dumb. But I do like seeing spy/international intrigue movies – which we don’t get much of – and so I was actually looking forward to watching this. I quite like the other Ryan movies, and although I don’t think this is better than the Ford ones or Red October, it’s probably better than the Affleck one (I honestly don’t remember much about that one, which is probably a sign I didn’t like it that much). There was some exciting stuff to watch here, and the cast is pretty good, except for Keira Knightley, whose American accent just always felt a bit off, and so it was distracting.