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  • Interview with Fumito Ueda

    I’m currently enjoying my time with The Last Guardian — I’m playing it slowly, about an hour every day — and so let me point you to another great interview by James Mielke for Glixel (he’s been racking them up of late), this time with the game’s director, Fumito Ueda.

  • The Last Guardian

    Well, it’s here, and as expected, it’s quite something. I’m especially a fan of Ico – I liked Shadow of the Colossus as well, but never finished it – and this so far (about 2-3 hours in) is bringing me back to that original game, feeling like I’m on this journey with a companion I’m…

  • Score Studios and The Last Guardian

    I remember a couple of years ago, at one of my last PauseTalk events, that I was asking my buddy James Kay — who runs the Tokyo-based Score Studios — what he was up to at the time, and that he hinted that the studio was working on something that I’d consider to be a pretty…

  • Rui Guerreiro and Mare

    Polygon has a nice feature up on Rui Guerreiro, a dev who left the Last Guardian team and helped start up the Friend & Foe studio in Tokyo, later leaving to work on his own game Mare (and later joining up with Visiontrick Media, the studio behind Pavilion, which I mentioned last month).