Tag: Illustrator

  • Mr. Mendo Comes to Tokyo

    My good friend Luis gets a nice feature over at This Works telling the story of how he decided to make a major career change in his 40s (from designer to illustrator, or “drawer,” as he would say) and make the move to Tokyo. It was during that initial 3-month sabbatical that we met, and…

  • Our Time Capsule

    On top of these great illustrations (Mother, Dragon Quest) I’ve been sharing by Amelicart, please note that the illustrator has also recently released an art book called Our Time Capsule (Bokura no Taimu Kapuseru). You can order it online here, and they also support overseas orders.

  • Yuta Okamura

    It’s Nice That highlights the wonderful illustrations of Yuta Okamura — there’s more to see on his own site.

  • Yuko Shimizu

    I’ve already highlighted the art of Yuko Shimizu on this site — hey, even back in 2003 — but this tweet acts as a good reminder that she continues to be a fantastic illustrator whose work is a joy to take in.

  • Momentary

    Ilya Kuvshinov is a Russian illustrator and comic artist based in Tokyo, and he’s just announced that Pie Books will be releasing an art book of his work, entitled Momentary (out on November 30). In the meantime, take some time to go through his beautiful illustrations, or support him through his Patreon.

  • Cutting Edge

    The joys of losing posts. Last night I wrote a long post about my recent frustrations with the digital edition of Edge magazine, as of the latest issue. I was even positioning it as a sort of return of The Magaziner (the site I used to run about magazine culture). But I somehow lost the…

  • Pocko/Magma

    Have a look at the beautiful opening sequence for “Pocko/Magma” — it’s for an animated film that accompanies a touring exhibition of customized Russian Matryoshka dolls — featuring the illustrative work of Chisato Shinya (Kinpro). I love the homage to the Dr. No opening at the start. Via Motionographer.

  • Bunpei Yorifuji

    Bunpei Yorifuji — he’s the illustrator behind all those Tokyo Metro public service ads — is having his first solo exhibition at gallery @btf, running until October 25. Via Spoon & Tamago.