A week ago I binged the S-Town podcast, enjoying it immensely. At first I couldn’t understand why they released all 7 episodes right away, instead of weekly like with Serial. But seeing where it goes and ends up, I can see that they wanted to avoid people thinking they were getting into it for one […]

Rezzing It Up

For anyone in the west who follows the Japanese gaming scene, you’re probably well aware of the localization (and more) company 8-4, or maybe the 8-4 Play podcast, that they host on a bi-weekly basis (“a podcast about games, Japan, and Japanese games”). I’m lucky enough to call the 8-4 family good friends, and it […]

Codex 04

It’s a new episode of Codex (04), my weekly music podcast, recorded on a late Saturday night (past midnight), not that this piece of information has anything to do with anything. Below is the playlist for the show, as well as a link for download, and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed so […]

Codex 02

It’s no secret, I can be an impatient guy, and after I was done recording the first episode of Codex and released it — something that happened just last night — I was already really looking forward to doing a second one. And so here we are, the next day, with episode 02 of this […]