New Edition of Power-Up

Speaking of Nintendo, this week marks the release of a brand spanking new edition of Chris Kohler’s Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World An Extra Life. I worked for Chris the year I was a contributor to Wired‘s Game|Life (in 2008), and always wanted to read his book, but it’s been long out-of-print. Not […]

Still Can’t Download Wired in Background

Well this is disappointing. One of the things I was most looking forward to with the 4.2 iOS firmware update for iPad was the addition of multitasking, and therefore the ability to download stuff — like gigantic issues of Wired — in the background. Sorry folks, switching to another app after you start the download […]

National Geographic to Team Up with Adobe for Updated iPad Edition

I was reading this piece at WWD on Adobe’s digital magazine initiative and the release of the new iPad edition of Martha Stewart Living (which uses the Adobe platform), and found this bit near the end rather interesting: Adobe is now moving on to National Geographic. When I reviewed the current National Geographic iPad app […]