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TOKYO.NOW is a soon-to-launch series of 5-minute programs produced by W+K TOKYO LAB, and set to air on NHK. From the Shift blog:

“W+K TOKYO LAB” will be kicking off “TOKYO.NOW,” a 5-minute sub-program within NHK’s new program “POP JAM DX.” The concept of the program is “hybrid” and is a stimulating and experimental content program to introduce music and visuals created in Tokyo, now. They aim to show what is happening right here and now in Tokyo and its power to influence the world through artists interviews, interviews with kids on the street, music videos, and original commissioned content in the form of music and visuals created by “W+K TOKYO LAB” and collaborators. In a series of eight 5-minute episodes, they will expand the idea of “hybrid.”

The first episode will air on May 1st (Mon) around 23:00. It will feature a world premier of UC a.k.a. DJ Uppercut’s newest music video for “What You Standin’ For”, the lead track from his album “Street Revolution” released last December. It will be the first airing of this video before any other music channels, so don’t miss it!

I’m really excited about seeing this, but honestly, I’d rather have it offered as a podcast.

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Hiroshi Sambuichi’s Dental Clinic

DOMUS’ website has a short piece on Hiroshi Sambuichi’s dental clinic, which gets a camouflage covering courtesy of artificially mounted hedges.


Buzztracker Up for a Webby

cmp_logo_smallChin Music Press is more than just gorgeous books — they’re also behind the very cool Buzztracker web app, and it’s been nominated for a Webby in the “Netart” category. If you wanna show some love, you can always cast your vote in the the People’s Choice section!

UpdateYou may have noticed that Buzztracker is no longer listed, and it seems that the inclusion was some sort of technical glitch. It’s a shame, because the site definitely deserved some sort of nomination.

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Move on Asia 2006

I’m definitely going to be checking this out during GW:

This is volume two of a joint project by curators from 12 art spaces in six Asian countries. On view this time is a selection of animation and 1-ch video works by a total of 21 newcomer artists. The exhibition comes traveling from a space called LOOP in Korea, will be shown at four venues in Japan, and then move on to China, Australia and Singapore. One aspect worth mentioning about this project is that the spreading of videos — a form of art that is easy to distribute — is being organized by a network of alternative spaces and independent curators, rather than national cultural agencies or museums. despite some administrative difficulties, the venue is ready become a platform for communication, as well as a symposium that is scheduled for 4/29. (REALTOKYO)

The screenings are being held at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya starting tomorrow (until May 27), and the admission fee is only 500 yen.


DVD Player Discount

Remember that great region-free DVD player (Beans) I got last week from Seems like the post I wrote sent a few readers their way, and as a thank you they’re offering a discount to new orders.

Jean, this is Jim from RegionFree KK ( I processed your order for the Beans S-901HG. Thanks for the plug. Checking our web stats I notice that we are getting quite a few hits from your site.

I just thought I’d take the chance to say thanks and offer any of your readers a 1000yen discount. They can email us in advance of their purchase and a special link will be sent to them or they can email us immediately after their purchase and a refund will be sent with their player.

I’m still very happy with the model I got, and as I mentioned before, got great service from them.

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Freedom Project

I’ve been meaning to mention the new advertising campaign for Nissin’s Cup Noodle that includes art (and some cool animated TV commercials) by Katsuhiro Otomo, and this post (and the picture you see here) by Digiki reminded me of it. I first noticed it about a week ago in a few stations, and this “Freedom Project” that gets mentioned has its own site, which has more info, as well as streams of the TV CMs.

Update (16/09/18): The image is no longer available.

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This Week at Gridskipper

You can read all of my Gridskipper posts here (or even subscribe to a feed).


Yukatas by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs introduced a yakata collection. Link via Digiki.

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Hattrick Vs. Tokyo Fun Party

Nothing to do during Golden Week? Digiki and SoccerBoy have got you covered!

And for some reason, my feed to Digiki’s blog never showed the final post that revealed a change to his site. Here’s the new address.

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PechaKucha Takes Over the World

29_1I had a chance to check out last night’s edition of the PechaKucha monthly event at SuperDeluxe, and was happy to see that they’ve finally launched a website — and a nice one by the way, brought to you by the fine folks at IMG SRC, who are also behind PingMag — for the event. It’s also nice to see the event really take off around the world, as plenty of cities are already on board, with more to come.

Also, I’m currently working on a cover story for METROPOLIS on the PechaKucha phenomenon, and I’d love to hear from you, anyone who has attended in the past, and get your take on the event. Feel free to send thoughts, experiences, and any comment you have, as it would certainly help me with the piece.

Oh, and I love that next month’s edition takes place on my birthday, May 31!